Discover the Northern Trails

With our long time experience and professional organization, we have assisted and provided ground support and logistics for major overseas operators since 1995.

Fully supported tours!

On all our tours an experienced cycling guide/mechanic will accompany you all day. Our team takes care of the daily organization and planning, leaving participants free to enjoy the trails. Luggage is transported to each overnight stop with our escort vehicle, so all you need to carry is your basic essential daypack.


All over Southeast Asia, the best season for biking is definitely November to February (coolest months).

September and October can reveal muddy trails... challenging and fun to ride!

From March to June it is hot and dry - temperatures can reach 40°C during the day - but there are occasional refreshing rainstorms.

July and August is the rainy season and we usually do not run off-road Mountain Biking. We run our regular trips with small itinerary changes, riding more on paved roads. Cycling is however enjoyable since generally it doesn't rain all day long. As is usual in tropical climates, rainfall is mostly short and sporadic, followed by sunshine again.

Food and accommodation

Depending on the program, we stay in carefully selected hotels, usually blending Northern Thai style with comfort. (Refer to your program). Sometime we stay with a family in a hill tribe village. Food is taken at local restaurants or in the hotel. Nutrition is important when cycling. Main meals are based around rice. There is always enough food and we eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Drinking water, fruits and snacks are always available in our escort vehicle. Other drinks are not included in the price, but widely available at local restaurants and shops along the way. Usually dinners at overnight stops are not included, therefore leaving each participant free to explore the local culinary delights. Of course we will recommend the best venues of each places.

What to bring

Recommended personal equipment: Gloves, sunglasses. A pair of mountain-biking shoes, or running / cross-country shoes (hard-soles reduce foot fatigue). Bicycle shorts and gear (if you do not have padded cycling shorts, we recommend light cotton shorts with an elasticated waist). Take also a long sleeve sweater or jogging suit, windbreaker, T-shirts. All of this packed in a soft bag that we will carry in the escort vehicle. For winter season you should add a pullover or warmer tracksuit, and for the rainy season a light nylon rain jacket. A small backpack is useful to carry your small personal items such as camera, sun lotion, etc - Hydration system/backpack, CamelBak types are excellent! If you bring your SPD pedals, they can be fitted on our bikes.

We strongly require participants to wear a helmet while riding.

Can you join?

Cycling tours are physically demanding, therefore participants should be in good fitness condition. Participants riding bicycles on a regular basis will better enjoy the trip. If someone feels tired, they can always rest in the escort vehicle. You don't have to carry your belongings eighter, so the trip is more enjoyable! Subject to availability, we welcome accompanying non-cycling participants to join, staying with our escort vehicle and meeting the riders at stop points along the route and overnight spots.


Participants understand that this type of adventure travel may incur some risks. We do not provide personal insurance and we strongly recommend participants to contract one before taking this trip. We require participants to sign a release form before trip departure, stating participant's agreement that tour operator and or its affiliates shall not be responsible for any causes such as accidents, monetary loss, bodily injury or death.

Novice cyclists:

Some of our tours out of Chiang Mai are suitable and enjoyable for everyone in good fitness condition.

Beginner cyclists can learn and practice the best way to ride as we offer expert assistance. We will teach you the basics of riding a mountain bike on easy trails and quiet back roads.

Other useful info to prepare for your trip: Link to airlines, hotels, etc..